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SmartPrima Milestones

SmartPrima Milestones

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(Summary description)2015年8月28日上海普睿玛智能科技有限公司注册成立。公司拥有一支从事高功率激光设备研发应用25年的整建制专业团队;拥有近4000台高功率激光设备的生产使用经验。公司拥有大批自动化领域和激光行业的资深人士,具有业界丰富的自动控制、激光加工工艺和装备的工程经验。 

SmartPrima Milestones

(Summary description)2015年8月28日上海普睿玛智能科技有限公司注册成立。公司拥有一支从事高功率激光设备研发应用25年的整建制专业团队;拥有近4000台高功率激光设备的生产使用经验。公司拥有大批自动化领域和激光行业的资深人士,具有业界丰富的自动控制、激光加工工艺和装备的工程经验。 

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        SmartPrima has always been focused on the laser field, has never changed, standing in the new era of wind, wise innovation, wisdom to create dreams. Always pay attention to the real needs of customers, and constantly optimize their own products, faster, more precise, more stable and more efficient. We are leading our customers to meet the "Made in China 2025" with a new look.

        2015/8/28 Shanghai SmartPrima Intelligent Technology Co.

        Ltd. was registered on August 28, 2015 in Shanghai. The company has a whole formed professional team engaged in the research and development and application of high power laser equipment for 25 years; with nearly 4,000 units of high power laser equipment production and use experience. The company has a large number of senior people in the automation field and laser industry, with rich experience in the industry of automatic control, laser processing processes and equipment engineering. 

        2015/10/21 Shanghai SmartPrima Intelligence Technology Co.

        Shanghai SmartPrima Intelligent Technology Co. started the construction, in line with the trend of Industry 4.0, to explore the field of intelligent manufacturing, with a new look, a high starting point, to open a new situation, to continue the 16 years of glory, wise the eighth generation of products, to contribute to China to achieve China's manufacturing 2025.

        2015/11/2Products passed CE certification

        The laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser 3D printer, laser multi-functional processing machine, laser processing robot, laser protection cabin, etc. produced by our company passed the strict certification of NQA and were awarded CE certificate.

        2015/12/23 through the quality management system certification


        On December 23, 2015, we passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and were awarded a certificate.

        2016/3/18 SmartPrima Technology (Suzhou) Co. was established


        In order to adapt to the trend of market development and meet the growing production needs, Shanghai SmartPrima Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. was registered in Suzhou on March 18, 2016, and plans to build a production base with a production capacity of 1 billion, manufacturing intelligent laser cutting machines, intelligent laser welding machines, robotic laser processing systems, intelligent automation equipment.

        2016/3/23 8th generation intelligent high-speed laser cutting machine developed successfully

        Intelligent SmartPrima 8th generation laser cutting machine was born on March 23, 2016 in Shanghai SmartPrima Intelligent Technology Co. Compared to its previous generation of machines, the 8th generation laser cutting machine has a breakthrough improvement in processing efficiency, with a movement speed of 210m/min, the fastest cutting speed of 100m/min, and 500 round holes per minute can be cut. Subsequent improvements have increased the movement speed to 280m/min, making it the industry's ultra-fast laser cutting machine.

        2016/4 Intelligent SmartPrima has been granted several patents


        The company has obtained a number of patents, which are high-tech and can improve the core competitiveness of the company.

        2016/4 Domestic first titanium mesh electrode laser welding machine acceptance in Dinola

        In April 2016, the first laser welding machine for titanium mesh electrodes in China passed the production verification and official acceptance at Dinola Electrode (Suzhou) Co. The equipment has a mature welding process; there are pneumatic clamps on the table surface to fix the workpiece, and multiple air cushions at the bottom of the table, which lift up and clamp the workpiece reliably; it is equipped with a SMART PRIMA welding head with a "drawer" mirror clamp for quick replacement of the focusing mirror and a CCD unit to detect the weld seam position Observe the welding process; the mature titanium mesh welding process ensures that there are no micro-cracks during the welding process.

        2016/4 Automotive gear laser welding machine delivered to FAW Group


        In April 2016 the new laser welding machine was officially delivered to China First Automobile Group, the equipment is mainly used for multi-size gear welding, flat plate welding as well as fillet welding.

        2016/4/11 The 8th generation of high-speed intelligent laser cutting machine debut CCMT shakes the industry


        On April 11, 2016 CCMT'2016 (9th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.SMART PRIMA exhibited the 8th generation of China's high-speed intelligent laser cutting machine with a movement speed of 210m/min and a cutting speed of 100m/min, which attracted the attention of many professionals and many visitors Stop and watch. The smooth and fast cutting process shows a special industrial and mechanical beauty, and enthusiastic spectators have asked for exquisite cutting samples, which are in short supply.

        2016/5/18 SmartPrima Smart Technology (Suzhou) Co. starts construction work 

        The groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 18 for the Suzhou production base of Shanghai Pryma Smart Technology (Suzhou), marking the further expansion of Smart SmartPrima's production capacity. The Suzhou base has an annual capacity of 500 sets of laser equipment and automated intelligent equipment with an output value of 1 billion yuan.

        2016/6 Laser 3D printing equipment officially delivered to Sichuan users for military production



        The large-scale laser 3D printing system was officially delivered to the Sichuan customer in June 2016 for military production, and was accepted in early November. Delivered with this equipment, there is 3D model slicing and path planning software, which is capable of stable long-term 3D printing of large metal parts with high precision and high rigidity. The success of this project shows that our company's laser 3D printing application level has taken another step forward.

        2016/6 Robot laser 3D precision cutting system successfully applied to lock production

        In June 2016, the laser cutting robot system for trimming and hole cutting of 3D coverings was accepted at the site of Changzhou lock manufacturing customer, marking the further development of 3D laser cutting applications in a new field. The system is equipped with an upside-down mounted Stäubli high-precision RX160L robot and a fiber laser.

        2016/6/18Suzhou base held an open day "16 years of brilliance, wisdom to create a common dream" event



        On June 18, 2016, SmartPrima Suzhou base held a factory open day, more than 70 customers were present to witness the fact that SmartPrima is continuing its 16 years of glory, and the senior team is responding to the trend of Industry 4.0 with a wise and innovative attitude to create the 8th generation of new technology and new products that are faster, more functional and more efficient.

        2016/6/21 Leaders of Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Office of National Defense Science and Industry, came to the company to investigate



        On the morning of June 21, 2016, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, the director of the city's Office of National Defense Science and Industry, Wu Lei went to Jinshan District to investigate industrial planning, operation, investment and the implementation of key corporate projects, to our company for inspection, Jinshan District Committee of the Standing Committee of the CPC, Deputy Mayor Liu Jian, etc. to participate in the research and discussion. Wu Lei deputy director fully affirmed the advanced nature of our laser equipment, and hope that we can continue to work hard to develop more responsive to market demand for laser application equipment.

        2016/6/22 High-speed cutting machine, remote welding robot and other 4 sets of equipment to become the focus of attention CIMES2016

        At CIMES 2016 held in Beijing from June 22 to 28, 2016, Intelligent SmartPrima's high-speed laser cutting machine, remote laser welding machine, medium power laser cutting machine and TIG welding robot became the focus of attention with its high speed, high efficiency, high performance and high adaptability, which attracted many professionals to stop and watch. China Elevator Association and China Agricultural Machinery Association organized professional visiting groups to the booth for in-depth exchanges.

        2016/8/2-6 High-speed laser cutting machine dumping customers in Shandong Peninsula (The 19th Qingdao International Machine Tool Fair)

        Intelligent SmartPrima's 8th generation of intelligent high-speed laser cutting machine, dumping customers on the Shandong Peninsula - At the JNMTE 2016 19th Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, themed "Intelligent Manufacturing Dialogue Industry 4.0", the exhibitors' The SLCF-C1530V/F machine, with three speeds (running speed, cutting speed and number of holes per minute), drew praise from professional visitors.

        2016/8/16-18High-speed laser cutting machine debuts at Chengdu International Modern Industrial Technology Expo


        Intelligent SmartPrima 8th generation intelligent high-speed laser cutting machine, debut in Chengdu, an important intersection point of the country's "One Belt, One Road" strategy, with developed manufacturing clusters around it, in order to make more local customers understand our most advanced laser processing equipment, the SLCF-C1530V/F machine exhibited in this exhibition, with high operating speed of 280 meters/minute, high cutting speed of 100 meters/minute, and high efficiency of 500 cutting holes per minute, won the praise of the on-site viewers.

        2016/8/17Suzhou city leaders come to Suzhou base research

        On August 17, 2016, Zhou Weiqiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and deputy mayor, and his party of 7 people came to SmartPrima Intelligence Technology (Suzhou) Co. When Zhou Weiqiang learned that the company's 8th generation high-speed laser cutting machine had created three domestic records and all three indicators were at the world advanced level, Zhou said that you have strong design, production and manufacturing capabilities, and he hoped that you would continue to develop new products and become bigger and stronger. He said that enterprises as the main body of innovation, market-oriented, relying on the existing technology base and location advantages, speed up to enhance the innovation factor agglomeration and radiation capacity, accelerate the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate and cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent team, and actively explore new paths of innovation-driven development.

        2016/8/19 Showing style at the "12th China Laser Processing Academic Conference Industry Summit Forum"

        On August 19, 2016, at the "12th China Laser Processing Academic Conference Industry Summit Forum", Wang Ruiyan, director of the Technology Center, made a report on "More Intelligent Laser Processing Equipment", winning warm applause from experts on the scene. The forum was held in Changsha, hosted by the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the Optical Society of China, the National Laser Processing Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, co-organized by Hunan University, and undertaken by China Laser Industry magazine. The guests had a heated discussion on how to really use the industry, academic and research platform to improve the core technology level of the manufacturing industry, how to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry by pulling domestic demand, how to further open the market with domestic equipment, how to get policy support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and what business opportunities exist in China's surrounding markets.

        2016/8 Multifunctional laser robot system with automatic quick-change processing head is put into operation at Chongqing Optics Institute



        In August 2016, the multifunctional laser robot system developed by our company for automatic quick change of processing head was officially put into operation in Chongqing Optical Institute for laser surface treatment, laser cladding and laser (composite) welding. The system is equipped with two processing heads, laser welding head and laser cladding head, the machine can replace the processing head automatically and quickly, the fiber laser has an optical path switcher, suitable for laser cutting, laser welding, laser composite welding, laser cladding and 3D printing, laser quenching.

        2016/9/1 Passed environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification



        The company passed ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, was awarded a certificate.

        2016/9/19 Participate in the Global International Advertising Sign Exhibition



        The "Oscar" annual event of the global advertising and signage industry - the 14th Shanghai International Advertising and Signage Exhibition 2016 will be held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 19 to 22, 2016.

        Smart SmartPrima made a brilliant appearance at the 14th Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition from September 19 to September 22, 2016, and this exhibition showcased the star products of SmartPrima's medium power laser cutting machine: the Cyclone S Series-SPGHF1530 2000W Fiber Deluxe and the S Cyclone E Series-SPG1530 880W Fiber Standard. High-speed laser cutting machine won customers praise.

        2016/9/23-24 "Large Format Laser 3D Printer" project won silver medal in the National Science and Technology Workers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

        September 23-24, 2016, the company's "large format laser 3D printer" project participated in the final of the 18th China Association for Science and Technology Annual Meeting National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the silver medal. The competition was held in Xi'an, and Wang Ruiyan and Qiu Junbin participated in this final competition on behalf of the team. A total of 185 high-level scientific and technological works from across the country were shortlisted for the finals, covering professional fields such as information technology, life sciences, materials and engineering, energy and chemical engineering, and cross-discipline. Li Yuanchao, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC, watched the roadshow of the final projects and the exhibition of military-civilian integration of science and technology innovation.

        2016/9/24-28 Won the "Outstanding Enterprise" award in the advanced manufacturing industry final of the 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

        From September 24 to 28, the project "Efficient Intelligent Scalable Multi-Collaborative Deposition Laser 3D Printer for Multi-Domain Applications" participated in the Fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Advanced Manufacturing Industry Final held in Luoyang, Henan, and won the "Outstanding Enterprise" award. "Award. China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is the largest, most radiating, highest level and most influential innovation and entrepreneurship event in China, which has become a comprehensive service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and concentrates on the level of dual creation in China.

        2016/11/1-5 High-performance fiber laser cutter wins praise at CIIF

        In the 18th China International Industry Fair (CIIF2016), our company exhibited 2 models of high-speed fiber laser processing equipment, by the professional audience praise. The high speed, high performance, high efficiency and high intelligence of the machines are the best display of the company's concept of "wise innovation, wisdom to create dreams". The exhibition was held from November 1 to 5 at Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center.

        2016/11 Multifunctional laser processing machine developed by Intelligent SmartPrima was officially delivered to Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWU)



        In November 2016 SmartPrima developed SLW-X0610 multi-functional laser processing machine was officially delivered to Northwestern Polytechnical University, this equipment is suitable for laser surface treatment, laser cladding, laser melting and laser stereogenic processing of materials for ceramics, metals, semiconductors and their composite materials, as well as precision parts metal 3D printing, this model is our independent research and development, in the field of precision parts 3D printing, marking the technical level has reached the international advanced level.

        2016/12/2 Royal 5 series cantilever fiber laser cutting machine was praised in Dongguan DMP

        December 2, 2016, hosted by Xuntong Exhibition Company, 2016 Guangdong International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Expo, 18th DMP Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastic and Packaging Exhibition, 2016 South China International Sheet Metal and Laser Industry Exhibition, 6th International (Dongguan) Casting Industry Exhibition, 3D Printing Exhibition, 12th Dongguan International Electroplating Industry, Surface Treatment and Coating Exhibition, in China The curtain came down on the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. Shanghai SmartPrima lived up to the expectations and brought the new 8th generation Royal 5 Series cantilever fiber laser cutting machine to the exhibition, the high-speed laser cutting equipment won the praise of customers.

        2016/12/7-9 Royal 5 Series laser cutting machine in South China (Guangzhou) Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition scenery no less

        From December 7 to 9, 2016, Shanghai SmartPrima's new 8th generation Royal Series 5 laser cutting machine was a sight to behold at the Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition in South China (Guangzhou), earning eyeballs. Held in Guangzhou Pazhou - Poly World Trade Expo, the exhibition was organized by the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the Optical Society of China, in cooperation with Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co Ltd, and co-organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Machinery Industry Sub-Council, Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences, etc. It aims to provide personalized products as well as industry solutions for potential users of laser processing in South China to meet the users' needs for technology, efficiency and cost The stringent requirements to comply with the trend of industrial change.

        2016/12/12-14 Zhongshan High-end Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition


        The 11th China (Zhongshan) Equipment Manufacturing Expo and the 2nd China (Zhongshan) High-end Laser Application Technology Exhibition 2016" was held in the Zhongshan Torch International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 12-14, 2016, Intelligent SmartPrima participated in this exhibition and interacted with the audience to provide personalized laser processing solutions.

        2016/12/31 fully completed the business plan, sales smoothly and in good shape

       Since its establishment, Intelligent SmartPrima has continued to write legends in the laser field with a new outlook and new speed, and has successfully completed all business plans, established a sensitive marketing and sales network, complete product system, fine production and manufacturing organization system, strict quality assurance system, and good product performance, winning the trust and support of the market and customers, fully meeting the multi-level and multi-angle needs of various industries and fields. With the eighth-generation technology integration of laser cutting machine Royal Series, Prince Series, Prince Affinity Edition, Cyclone S Series, Cyclone E Series, Cyclone C Series, the speed and efficiency of the overall exceeds the peer, maintaining the international advanced, leading domestic position.



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